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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good For Your Waistline, But Not Your Teeth!

If your new year’s resolution is to trim your waistline, be sure you are not affecting your teeth!  You may think that if you are drinking diet soda that your teeth are safe from the dangers of sugar.  We all know that sugar contributes to the development of tooth decay.  What you may not realize is diet pop can do almost as much damage to your teeth.  Diet sodas don’t have any sugar, but they do contain larger amounts of phosphoric and citric acid to enhance flavour.

These acids attack the enamel that protects your teeth which means you’re much more likely to get cavities and to develop irritations, cracks and sensitivity to cold.  People with orthodontic appliances (braces)) may be even more prone to decay, especially if they do not practice excellent oral hygiene. 

Any highly acidic drink can spell trouble including pineapple, orange and other fruit juices and sodas.

A tall glass of water following the consumption of highly acidic drinks will help, but the best way to reduce your risk is to brush your teeth.  Better yet, why not choose the very best thirst quencher?  Water has no fat, no caffeine, and no acid!

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