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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Ways to Prevent Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is required when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or has died.  With much information available on the web about how to 'cure' a tooth requiring root canal therapy, it is important to understand how a root canal can be prevented ... 


How can you protect the nerves of your teeth?

Practice Diligent Oral Hygiene - Daily brushing and flossing will help prevent cavities from forming, and protect the nerve of the tooth from disease.  A cavity left untreated allows the tissue inside the tooth to become decayed and infected.  


Protect Teeth from Trauma - Trauma to a tooth can cause degeneration of the nerve tissue.   In all contact sports, or in a sport where there is risk of falling and injury, wear a mouth guard.  This simple appliance can help to prevent fractures and loss of teeth due to sports injuries.  

Grinding and clenching is also a form of trauma that can lead to nerve inflammation and damage to your teeth.  Your dentist can identify signs of this habit that you might be unaware of and can recommend a night guard to help protect your teeth.


Early Detection - Visit your dentist regularly for oral hygiene visits and check-ups. At your regular visits, early stages of decay and other conditions can be diagnosed and followed up with treatment to maintain optimum oral health. 

Perform Treatment Recommended by Your Dentist -Your dentist is able to see your teeth differently than you are and has the technology available to detect issues that may be posing a threat to your teeth.  Your dentist will make a diagnosis and recommend treatment to help you preserve your teeth.  Quickly addressing treatment that has been diagnosed will help you to avoid major dental treatment such as root canal.


 Eat Healthy - Much of the food we consume today is highly processed and contains many ingredients that aggressively promote tooth decay. If your diet contains high amounts of refined and processed foods instead of a diet rich in whole, unprocessed or raw foods, you are at a greater risk for tooth decay.  Consumption of carbonated beverages and sports drinks also help to create the perfect environment for cavities to begin.  Avoid these beverages and choose water instead.


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